Find a partner


Find a partner

Please use this page to find a partner for our seminars and workshops! 

We wish you good luck in finding a partner, and we hope to see you soon!

To email one of the dancers in the list below, please click on their name.

Dancers looking for a partner

Johannes (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 62 years old, 184 cm tall.

"I am looking for an ambitious partner for Immersion and other workshops.  Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español."

SERENA (F), follower, 2 years of experience, 35 years old, 165 cm tall.

"Hi. I am Serena.  I am Korean. I am living in Paris. If I find a seminar partner, I want to participate. I can speak english, but not well. Please contact me. Whatsapp:+821086262809."

Rai (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 66 years old, 189 cm tall.

"Seit 5 Jahren tanze ich sehr intensiv Tango. Geboren 1951, aber sobald ich die Tanzschuhe anhabe fliegen die Beine. Begeistert von den weichen, fließenden Bewegungen von Michelle&Joachim, suche ich eine Partnerin mit Erfahrung in Colgadas für die Immersion 26 vom 21. - 24. Sept. Vielleicht schon zu spät für die Anmeldung, letztes Jahr hat es schon nicht geklappt, aber nie aufgeben. Ich lebe in Berlin. Etwas erfahren über mich kannst du unter Sprachen leider nur etwas Deutsch und Englisch und die wortlose Tangosprache. Und jetzt bin ich gespannt was passiert!?"

Dimitrios (M), leader, 1 year of experience, 31 years old, 177 cm tall. 

"I started tango in October 2016. My teacher considers me already an intermediate and due to that she suggested I should do lessons with the intermediate class as well, instead of only beginners. I'd love to have a partner, not only "for fun", but with the main goal of improving ourselves. I'm half Greek and half Brazilian, born in Brazil and live in Greece for the past 13 years. I speak Greek, Portuguese, English a little bit of Spanish. Leave a message and let me know if you're interested in being my lovely follower :)"


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tango argentino

tango argentino

Every collaboration forms a chemistry between the people involved that can’t be remade – it only exists for that moment.
— Wendy Whelan