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Laszlo (M), leader, 6 years of experience, 57 years old, 180 cm tall.

"I’d love to participate in Immersion Seminar 27  (July 19-22) and Immersion Seminar 28 ( August 9-12).  I've been dancing for 6 years and regularly attending workshops.  I speak fluent French, German, English, and Hungarian (and am able to communicate in Italian, Spanish and Japanese).  Really hope that it'll work out."

Claudia (F), follower, 7 years of experience, 63 years old, 176 cm tall.

"I'd like to find a partner for immersion seminar 28. I speak fluent French, English and a little Spanish."

      Tango Vagabundin (F), follower, 7 years of experience, 55 years old, 163 cm tall.

      "Für das Seminar Immersion Seminar 27: Essential Tango Technique and Adornos for Couples vom 19.7. bis 22.7. 2018 suche ich einen Tanzpartner. ;o) "

      Renate (F), leader, 7 years of experience, 55 years old, 163 cm tall.

      "Für das Seminar Immersion Seminar 27: Essential Tango Technique and Adornos for Couples vom 19.7. bis 22.7. 2018
      suche ich eine(n) Folgende(n), der mit mir tanzen / üben / lernen mag und evtl. auch Lust hat, dabei mal die Rollen zu tauschen. Ich bin "normalerweise" nur Folgende und liebe meine Position. Allerdings ist es mir wichtig, die Rolle des Führenden besser zu begreifen, um den gemeinsamen Tango zu bereichern und zu verfeinern. Ich wünsche mir einen Menschen, der das auch so empfindet, zum Seminar.  Herzliche Grüße, Renate"

      Gabriella (F), follower, 7 years of experience, 56 years old, 165 cm tall.

      "I'd like to register for the Immersion Seminar 29 (September 13th-16th) and I'm looking for a partner who likes to experiment and play. I speak Italian, German, Spanish and English. I understand French."

      Judith (F), follower, 7 years of experience, 55 years old, 160 cm tall.

      "habe vor einigen jahren bei Michelle und Joachim begonnen und sie bleiben die besten: wenn noch in einem Kurs platz ist und du eine gutgelaunte tänzerin suchst: voila! lebe in der nähe von Basel und bin flexibel.  spreche etwas englisch/französisch."

      Bernard LE MELLEC (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 64 years old, 174 cm tall.

      "I would like to participate in the Vals Seminar 31 in Basel on 15th to 18th November. And I am looking for a partner!  I speak French and English. Thanks a lot!"

      Marielle (F), follower, 10 years of experience, 56 years old, 165 cm tall. 

      "Je cherche un partenaire pour les séminaires de septembre à décembre 2018.  Je parle surtout français mais je comprends un peu l'allemand et l'anglais.  J'habite près de Bâle et le travail du tango est un plaisir pour moi !"

      Paolo Barberini (M), leader, 3 years of experience, 45 years old, 188 cm tall.

      "I dance since 3 years Tango every day.
      I speak only Italian.
      I'm interested to participate in all seminars.
      I dance because I love Tango, and I'm really ambitious to learn it perfectly."

      LEAH (F), follower, 4 years of experience, 34 years old, 168 cm tall.

      "I would love to participate in the Immersion Seminar 27 and am looking for a leader. I have danced Tango for a few years but rather unregularly due to work related travels but have intensified dancing in the last 1.5 years. In the past I was also dancing ballet, ballroom and some salsa.
      I would consider myself an open-minded easy going person. I am eager to learn and ambitious but am also looking for joy.
      It would be wonderful to find a leader who shares the above!
      I am dancing in 8cm heels (and sometimes 7cm or flats).
      I speak German, English and some French.
      Send me a message should you be interested to join me for the seminar or any other class by M&J!

      Johannes (M), leader, 5 years of experience, 62 years old, 184 cm tall.

      "I am looking for an ambitious partner for Immersion and other workshops.  Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español."

      SERENA (F), follower, 2 years of experience, 35 years old, 165 cm tall.

      "Hi. I am Serena.  I am Korean. I am living in Paris. If I find a seminar partner, I want to participate. I can speak English, but not well. Please contact me. Whatsapp:+821086262809."

      Dimitrios (M), leader, 2 years of experience, 31 years old, 177 cm tall. 

      "I started tango in October 2016. My teacher considers me already an intermediate and due to that she suggested I should do lessons with the intermediate class.  I'd love to have a partner, not only "for fun", but with the main goal of improving ourselves. I'm half Greek and half Brazilian, born in Brazil and live in Greece for the past 13 years. I speak Greek, Portuguese, English a little bit of Spanish. Leave a message and let me know if you're interested in being my lovely follower :)"


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      tango argentino

      tango argentino

      Every collaboration forms a chemistry between the people involved that can’t be remade – it only exists for that moment.
      — Wendy Whelan