Focus Seminar 3: Close Embrace and Sequences for Small Space 1

Date: Saturday, March 17 - Sunday, March 18, 2018
Location: H95 Raum für Kultur, Horburgstrasse 95, 4057 Basel Switzerland
Level:  Intermediate and Advanced
Teacher: Joachim Dietiker (Michelle is on maternity leave during the first half of 2018)
Group size: maximum 7 couples with 1 teacher
Price:  200 CHF per person

NEW:  Focus Seminar 3  is sold out, and we have now added a new Focus Seminar 8: Close Embrace and Sequences for Small Space 2 in June.  As with all seminars, the content of Focus 8 will be adjusted to the group so that it doesn't matter if you participated in Focus 3 or not.    


This Focus Seminar will enable you to have more fun and freedom to dance in a crowded milonga, while enjoying a wonderful, comfortable embrace with your partner.  Enrich your dance even more by being able to choose from a variety of different sequences that you can use to interpret the music.

Focus Points

  • Finding a comfortable close embrace
  • Variety of sequences especially suited for dancing in compact space
  • Circular and linear movements
  • How to control movements so you can move more freely
  • Positioning and orientation for safe dancing
  • Interpreting the music by using the same sequence in different ways

Extra Private Classes: For Focus Seminar participants, Joachim is available for a limited number of private classes on the day before and the day after the seminar.  Please write him separately via email ( with the day and possible times you are available.  


During the 2 days, the 8 hours of class are usually organized like this:

Day 1
14:00-16:00 Part 1 (2 hours)
16:00-17:00 Break (1 hour)
17:00-19:00 Part 2 (2 hours)

Day 2
11:00-13:00 Part 1 (2 hours)
13:00-14:00 Break (1 hour)
14:00-16:00 Part 2 (2 hours)

Basel, Switzerland

Rathaus, by  Anders Sandberg

Rathaus, by Anders Sandberg


Basel is at the "Dreiländereck", the "Tripoint" where Switzerland, Germany and France meet. We have curated for you a list of hotels and B&Bs located in Basel and nearby in France and Germany.  These are our recommendations.


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