• H95 Raum für Kultur (map)
  • 95 Horburgstrasse
  • Basel, BS, 4057
  • Switzerland

Level: Good, Intermediate and Advanced

This seminar is inspired by the many questions we have received from students who have asked about 1) dancing more comfortably in close embrace, and 2) learning practical figures to use on a crowded dance floor. We will present our ideas and secrets that we’ve learned over the years, including nice sequences and variations with which you can play. Our hope is to help you develop a repertoire of some simple and some more sophisticated movements that you can use to enjoy dancing with your partner and the music.

Some potential goals:

  • Learn technique and tips for more elegant walking
  • Dance fluid giros and turns in a close embrace
  • Develop your own personal embrace and explore concepts for how to stay connected with your partner
  • Discover how to create and vary density in the embrace without being “too heavy” or “too light”
  • Navigate easily on a crowded floor maintaining the line of dance (floorcraft)
  • Adapt your quality of movement to interpret different types of sounds (e.g. staccato, legato, pauses, etc.)
  • Expand your repertoire of steps for dancing in a crowded milonga.

Basel, Switzerland

Rathaus, by Anders Sandberg

Rathaus, by Anders Sandberg

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