1. General Terms and Conditions

Registration is possible only in couples.

To participate in the seminar, you must stay at the hotel unless other accommodation arrangements are agreed upon with Michelle and Joachim.

In the case that there are two seminar groups, Michelle and Joachim will decide the different groups. It is not possible to change groups or attend both groups. If you are traveling with friends and absolutely must be in the same group, please write a comment on your registration form.

The Standard Twin Rooms are assigned by the hotel and have an inland view, side sea view or sea view. Sea view is not guaranteed. Room upgrades are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

If group airport transfers are organized, the transportation company has the right to transport the group to the hotel within a certain time frame (to be decided by the company). If your flight has been delayed a significant amount of time, you may have to organize a separate transfer (taxi) upon arrival.

2. Payments

You are responsible for making timely payments as per the schedule below.

If payments are late, your place may be given to someone else.

  • Minimum Deposit due within 2 weeks of registration: 400€ per person

  • Early Bird Price remainder due by March 31, 2019: 585€ per person

  • Normal Price remainder due by August 31, 2019: 694€ per person

  • After August 31, 2019 full price is due within 2 weeks of registration.

Payments are to be made via bank transfer. You will receive the details upon completion of the registration form.

All bank transfer fees are to be paid by participants. For transfers within the EU, please use SEPA transfer. For transfers from outside Europe, consider a service like TransferWise to minimize transfer fees.

Please do not send a Euro deposit from the Post, as high fees are charged!

(Achtung! keine Euro-Einzahlung von der Post veranlassen, da hohe Gebühren berechnet werden.)

After sending a payment, please send us the bank transfer information and your names to michelle_joachim@yahoo.com. We will reply when your payment has been received. If you do not receive an e-mail within 10 days, please write to us to assure your payment was received.

You agree to pay any costs incurred during the stay at the Grecian Park Hotel directly to the hotel before check-out. These costs may include things like room or meal supplements, drinks, spa treatments, food, transfers, excursions, etc. The hotel accepts credit cards.

3. Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy regarding the data we collect and use. You can contact us at any time to have your data deleted. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com/privacy-and-cookies-policy

4. Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at any time by e-mailing us. (michelle_joachim@yahoo.com).

Cancellation fees:

  • until 14 days after registration: 50€ per person

  • 15-60 days after registration: 75€ per person

  • 61 days after registration until July 1: 100€ per person

  • between July 2nd and September 4th: 50% of the Normal Price unless a replacement is found (see options below)

  • on or after September 5th: 100% of the price paid unless a replacement is found (see options below).

After July 1st, the following options are possible:

  1. You find a couple to take your place, and send us their names and contact information. A cancellation fee of 100€ per person applies.

  2. If you cannot find a replacement couple, you may ask us to contact couples on the waiting list. If there is a couple on the waiting list who can take your place, a cancellation fee of 200€ per person applies.

  3. If no replacement couple is found, the cancellation cost is as follows:

  • a. before September 5th: 50% of the Normal Price or

  • b. on or after September 5th: 100% of the price paid.

Guests with valid reservations who do not arrive on the booked date are considered by the hotel as Non-Arrivals, and the room is charged a 100% cancellation fee for all nights reserved. If the guest does not arrive by 12:00am on the following day, the hotel can release the room for the entire length of stay.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, accident, insufficient number of participants, family reasons, etc.), Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker reserve the right to cancel the seminar at any time without replacement. A part of the price may be refunded, to be decided upon by Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker. Alternatively, one or two replacement teachers may be found to conduct the seminar. You shall have no further claims.

5. Liability

You are financially responsible for any damage sustained, or loss incurred, to the Grecian Park Hotel’s property, carpet, fixtures or fittings. Neither the hotel nor Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker accept responsibility for damage or loss of equipment, merchandise or property left on the hotel premises. The Grecian Park Hotel recommends that guests carry their valuables at all times and suggests an independent insurance policy to cover any potential damages and losses.

Insurance for health, personal injury, or loss of personal belongings, as well as all travel, accommodation and other incurred costs in the event of cancellation are the responsibility of the participants, and will not be covered by Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker.

Jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.

By registering and paying the price, you thereby agree to the Tango Holidays Terms and Conditions.